NiMara Price

            As a child growing up in Lithuania, I lived my life close to the land and even closer to my family.  That's the genesis of my still life compositions; plants, flowers, the intimate objects of everyday life and the glory of natural light illuminating the settings and locations of a simple yet fulfilling life.   

           Movement into contemporary, abstract art allows me to exercise, in addition to the precision and detail of representational art, a more free-flowing, spontaneous, creative expression.  The use of color and implied movement of shapes and lines to stimulate emotional reaction offers a totally different path to rewarding art.

            I have received instruction and education at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Vitruvian School, and the Palette and Chisel Academy of Art in Chicago, as well as under the tutelage of David Leffel, Diana Rath and Toula Vivilakis.

            Life offers astounding beauty from many sources ranging from family and friends, nature, down to earth everyday items and experiences all the way to the grandeur of the cosmos.  I hope my work in some small way can tap into that beauty and bring joy.



2019  Selected for month-long 1 person show at the Collier County Gov't Center, Naples, FL

2019  Selected for month-long 1 person show at the Norris Center, Naples, FL

2017  Best of Show                   Naples Art Association – Naples, FL

2012  Technical Achievement   Naples Art Association – Naples, FL

2011  Selected for month-long 1 person show in my home city of Kaunas LT

2010  Booth Winner                 Art & Wine Festival – Itasca, IL

2010  Merit Award                    Contigny Art Festival – Wheaton, IL

2010  Award of Excellence       Promenade Art Show–Bollingbrook, IL

2010  2nd Place                        Lakefront Art Festival – Evanston, IL

2010  Honorable Mention         Algonquin Art Fair – Algonquin, IL